“Marrying Absurd” struck a personal chord for me.  Last year, I had the awesome experience of being part of a wedding in Las Vegas.  My mom and her boyfriend of ten years had finally decided to bite the bullet and get married.  My twin brother lives in Los Angeles so Las Vegas sounded like a good compromise, as far as location went, to be able to have my brother attend.  Having been married once before, both my mother and Bob thought Las Vegas would be a simple and painless place to officiate their love for eachother.  We had a blast.  


The author researched marrying in Las Vegas through a personal observation.  In several paragraphs, she notes her observations.  “One night about eleven o’clock in Las Vegas I watched a bride in an orange minidress and masses of flame colored hair stumble from a Strip chapel on the arm of her bridegroom,” she writes.  In another observation, she recalls another wedding party she encountered.  “I sat next to one such wedding party in a Strip restaurant the last time I was in Las Vegas.”  


Peppered in through the essay is factual information about the services that people seek in Las Vegas.  The author includes details about the laws regarding marriage in Clark County, Nevada.  It is also noted that “The Clark County Courthouse issues marriage licenses at any time of the day or night except between noon and one in the afternoon, between eight and nine in the evening, and between four and five in the morning.”  The actual facts regarding marrying in Las Vegas seem to be researched from the Courthouse itself.  

The mix of observation and factual recorded information allow for a compelling story that is not just an observation or solely textbook information.


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