1. Options for Green Burials on the Rise by Tasnim Shamma. http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2010/08/26/green-burial-options-increase.html

In “Options for Green Burials on the Rise” Tasnim Shamma reports on the interest of going green extending to funeral practices. The author elaborates on the growing percentage of adults now choosing green burials generally consisting of a biodegradable casket. Shamma speculates that the decision to have a green burial stems from the high cost of typical funeral services and caskets as well as the negative environmental impact that cremation causes through air pollution. Shamma informs on the growing number of green cemeteries. Tasnim Shamma also reports on some states having approved the practice of resomation, also known as “biocremation” which emits no carbon.


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