I am currently banging my head against my desk. I am struggling to complete this outline for my 6 page narrative essay combining observation and research. Maybe I am thinking too hard about the outline, as Professor Kizzier did mention it is an informal outline. Outlines generally always help, as your information is strategically laid out for you before you begin to write and structure sentences.

I need to incorporate my observations and my research into a fluid 6 page essay. I have spent several hours personally observing a funeral home as well as an actual funeral. I have researched a lot about the benefits of green burials, family owned funeral homes vs corporate funeral homes, environmental statistics about modern funeral practices, cremation pollution and the booming world population (who will all certainly die). I am still unsure of what to do next. I am having a hard time trying to incorporate what is needed without sounding clunky. As of now, I don’t feel that my research and observations flow together as well as I want. I am trying to find ways to add tidbits of factual research or statistics in to my own stories. I also am trying to figure out how to add vivid description in without, yet again, sounding all over the place and clunky.

Hopefully with just some more editing and writing, I can make this happen. Six pages sounds intimidating right now, but the final paper will be five pages which means one page will be eliminated. That one page hopefully will be full of the clunky, sloppy writings that are currently plaguing me.



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