Listening to Laila El-Hadaad was incredibly interesting.  As a journalist, blogger, Gaza activist and mom, Laila is an inspiration to women everywhere.  Like she said in her opening, not many people are aware of what is happening in Palestine.  Most people, myself included, are limited to thinking about bombings, drones, war and poverty.  I appreciated her idea of what Palestine is actually like once you got over the wall and peeked inside of any apartment building.  It is easy to forget how to be compassionate and humane for other people, especially when what you hear in the media is mostly bad publicity.  It is also easy to be ignorant of other’s situations when they are not in your backyard.  In the end though, we are all human beings and we are all deserving of happiness and safety. 

As a major “foodie”, I really enjoyed learning about Palestinian cuisine.  The food Laila brought with her was delicious.  The tomato and cucumber salad was my favorite.  It was full of flavor, vibrant and alive.  I purchased a copy of the book Gaza Mom, and I’ll be testing out some of the recipes soon! 


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